Caleb Woods

Caleb Woods



Drive awareness and understanding of the crucial role of psychoanalytic child psychotherapists in supporting children and young people in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). With their support under threat due to the ongoing uncertainty over the funding of training and the squeeze on resources for CAMHS, the Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) needed our help to create a campaign that would make an impact and secure the future of child psychotherapy as part of the NHS.


It was critical that decision makers – patients, healthcare commissioners and policy influencers – understood the benefits that ACP registered child and adolescent psychotherapists bring. We developed a greater presence both in the media / social media and as a voice in relevant policy and decision maker circles, all underpinned by greater levels of engagement and support from ACP’s membership. We supported ACP in developing a strong report of evidence of CAMHS, with which to engage media and policy makers.


The impact was positively stonking. Multiple national coverage hits were achieved in broadcast, print and online, including Channel 5 News, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian, The Observer, Daily Mail Online, Daily Telegraph. Politically, the PR and Public Affairs efforts have built major inroads with key politicians to support the ACP’s mission, including face-to-face meetings and focused questions being raised in parliamentary questions sessions. The success of the campaign has created longevity in its impact and continues to be felt by ACP’s members and key influencers.

Combined reach: 997million.

Social media impressions increased by 45%.