It’s feverish here at CLO PR. And it’s not due to colds and flu. We’ve been gearing up for International Women’s Day on Thursday with a host of activities, to make not only the day but the whole week count. This is a day (and week) to celebrate what it means to be a woman in 2018 and open up conversation to address the issues that many of us are facing in the workplace and day-to-day.


The focus of this year’s International Women’s Day is #PressforProgress: to pledge to take action in some way, however big or small. What the circling and bubbling of #Vote100, #MeToo and #TimesUp has highlighted is the need to act, now. We cannot stay still or silent. If the Suffragettes could see where we were today in female empowerment they’d probably be very disappointed at the little progress made. They put their lives on the line, we just have to be a bit more shouty and productive.  

When I started up the business a year ago it was to feel empowered personally and free to do things a little different in PR (and business). During the transition I was filled with so much doubt about whether I could do it and be successful independently. I am definitely not the only one. Imposter syndrome has appeared in front of so many women similarly. I have come through the other side and the freedom I get from doing what I do on my own terms has given me so much confidence. I want to help other women push through and get what they want.

At CLO PR, we believe in generating #positiveimpact in everything we do - from servicing our clients, to supporting others to grow in skills and confidence without rules. Creating positive impact for girls and women is at the top of the agenda. We’ve partnered with the glorious #girlboss duo Mac & Moore to entertain and inspire. Throughout the week we’ll be speaking to some ridiculously talented women in the freelance, start-up and business world to discover exactly what the current momentum on female-focused issues means to them, and what they’ll be doing in the coming year to #PressForProgress. It genuinely feels so great to take a unified stance with a collective of strong female characters. Because women get sh*t done. There's a shared determination to do something tangible and celebrate in helping each other move forward.

We’re kicking off with wisdom from marvellous female folk each day on our Instagram and Twitter pages (both @weareCLOPR and @macandmoore) and will keep you up to date with the initiatives we take part in during the week. We’re interviewing women for our #chowdown series on what makes business sense for our gender so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved. We need you! It’s time to come together and support the matriarchy. Progress is in our sights. Are you with us, or are you with us?!